IT service management (ITSM) refers to the implementation and management of information technology services. Alcor’s ITSM solutions with ServiceNow leverage a business view of IT services, enabling the IT support organization to quickly resolve or escalate issues and problems, improve root cause isolation, and provide higher levels of business user satisfaction.

Alcor implements IT service management processes to streamline and automate our client’s service delivery management processes such as incident, problem, change, release, SDLC and configuration management. We bring substantial process expertise, ServiceNow experience and depth of organizational governance modeling to build solutions that are effective and provide complete life cycle support for these core processes.

Incident Management


Service disruptions happen in business everyday resulting in lost man hours, revenue and reputation. Alcor’s Incident management solution on ServiceNow helps you identify, report on and manage incidents through their life cycle. It centralizes all your incident management needs, improves end user experiences and drives service improvement. Our combination of people, process and technology spearheads your business to success.

Problem Management

Problem management helps IT investigate the root cause of an incident through structured problem analysis, document solutions and workarounds in the knowledge base. Alcor’s Problem management solutions with ServiceNow increases your business productivity, proactively reduces service disruptions, improves your team transparency and communications – all helping you work towards your business goals.

Change Management

Change is the new constant, and with change comes risk. Change management helps protect IT and businesses from adverse effects of unplanned or uncontrolled change. Alcor’s incisive ServiceNow partnered team helps businesses integrate change processes across IT, reduce costs involved with business critical service downtime, improve service relationships, manage and control change, gain insight into change and release incidents. Our change management solutions make you harness change positively.

Configuration Management

Configuration management helps businesses better understand the IT environment by providing insight into financial resources, service availability, and capacity management besides knowing the impact of incidents, problems and change. Alcor’s configuration management solutions with ServiceNow build and maintain a single system of record for your IT management systems, shape your enterprise service model, enable IT service processes and gather actionable insight across ITSM processes. Alcor configures to accelerate your business ahead.