CMDB and Asset Management

Maintaining control of your IT assets in an increasingly complex IT environment efficiently has become one of the biggest challenges faced by IT today. It is also the foundation to provide services to the businesses in a consistent and proactive manner.

Leveraging its deep experience in business processes and technology expertise, Alcor has successfully helped clients implement asset management and CMDB in a complex IT environment on ServiceNow platform.

Key business benefits for our CMDB and Asset Management Services include:

Control of IT Environment

With accurate and detailed information regarding your assets and relationship, you are able to manage the risk in your environment and optimize asset cost. This is even more important for customers in a complex outsourcing environment with assets being managed by one or multiple third party vendors

Improvement of Service

With transparency comes the ability to prevent and resolve IT outages more effectively and drive a higher first level resolution for IT issues. It also provides the foundation to establish a robust IT Service Catalog and helps the IT organization improve service delivery processes. This will ultimately provide a higher customer satisfaction.

Help with Strategic Decisions

When it comes to making strategic IT decisions, (e.g. Cloud migration, change of technology platform), one of the common challenges faced by IT is a lack of baseline of current cost base and the ability to assess impact of the change to the underlying business processes. A robust CMDB can provide valuable information to such decision making process.