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31 Mar, 2020

Tino Solis is Alcor’s Featured Employee for March 2020! Tino, IT Manager – Consulting at Alcor Solutions, Inc. evaluates his own success by the success of his team and loves solving business problems that incorporate people, process, and technology. A total family man and a goofy dad at heart, Tino is also an avid outdoor cook.
Ziying Magic Tan, Principal – Alcor Solutions, Inc says, “Tino has brought great consulting skills and leadership to our team from day one and is spearheading one of our fastest growing ITSM offerings. His team first attitude has influenced everyone around him and made a huge impact on Alcor’s success with our strategic customers. During this trying time, he continues to demonstrate leadership and commitment to excellence in everything he does.  We are grateful to have Tino on our team and look forward to a fruitful journey ahead together”.
Pamela Morris, Senior Manager, Consulting adds, “Tino has been such a committed and reliable partner on all the initiatives of which I’ve had the pleasure of working with him. He has the ability to not only handle multiple roles from Engagement Manager to writing detailed documents all while building a great team culture among his peers and those working for him. He can handle intense deadlines with grace as demonstrated when he recently moved across country with complete dedication to a very strategic client and then shortly after had twin babies! I’m so happy to see Tino recognized for his dedication and quality; he truly exemplifies the Alcor culture!”
Here is an insightful tete-a-tete with Tino:

  1. What has been your experience at work here at Alcor?

My experience working at Alcor has been amazing! From great leaders and cooperative colleagues to pervasive team-first culture and plenty of opportunities to grow, there are multiple reasons that make Alcor a perfect workplace. The Leadership team here offers the best working environment and possesses great qualities of leading with vision, commitment, and empathy. I hope to acquire these leadership abilities to lead the people on my team. Talking about team dynamics, I just admire how everyone here works as a team rather than an isolated individual contributor. Every employee in this company, regardless of role, has been an absolute pleasure to work with as they understand the concept of a team mentality.

  1. Why do you feel proud to be an Alcorian?

At Alcor, we have a quality of product and a quality of people that I love being associated with. I’m proud of the solutions that we offer our client base and the value we provide to each other, even amidst the chaos. It is highly commendable how Alcorians are always prepared to create a difference and help other team members to a degree that is worthy of being called quality work.
I feel blessed to be a part of this team and would say that – Anyone can offer Service management, but to make those service management efforts successful it takes the right partner that’s backed by honesty, integrity, and authenticity – and that’s who we are!

  1. What’s been that one defining moment for you at Alcor where you felt happy, successful, and motivated?

Well, there are actually quite a few. The one that stands out most in my mind would be – when I showed interest in the Elanco project and it was taken seriously. It motivated me because my leadership team was listening, which is perhaps one of the most understated skills out there. As we’re in the business of listening, seeing my leadership listening to me, taking my interests, my background, and my expertise in mind, it felt really good.
Another similar situation when I felt motivated and even flattered was when I was allowed to take a step further into leading a  SIAM team – for which SIAM is a potential new line of business. The ability to contribute to product creation and an Alcor offering is very fulfilling and rewarding for me. It’s like wow, my leadership trust me and listen to what I’ve to say.

  1. Who is Tino? How can you best describe yourself?

Professionally, I’m a Service Management Consultant who loves to solve business problems that incorporate people, process, and technology. Personally, I’m a total family man and a dad to the core – a goofy dad at heart, you can say!
I get motivated by being surrounded by people with an open mindset, people who listen, and people who encourage open communication. Other little things that motivate me are – little tokens of appreciation, be it just an email from somebody or a conversation. On the other hand, the demotivating factor for me is the closed mindset – when people aren’t taking what you’ve to say seriously or are just listening for the sake of responding as opposed to listening to the message I’m trying to convey.
Outside of being a goofball dad day-to-day, I’m an avid outdoor cook. I like to smoke meats, I like to barbeque, I smoke vegetables – I love all things cooking outside. Besides that I’m also passionate about spending time on Wikipedia. When traveling, cruise ships are my place to be because they allow me to go everywhere and at the same time go nowhere.

  1. When you hear the word, Alcor- which 3 words strike you?
  • People – The value add of our brand
  • Authenticity – Pervasive in our culture
  • Organizational Self Awareness – Spearheading with self-awareness of who we are as an organization and a belief that tomorrow we will be better than what we are today

Thanks for talking to us, Tino! Wishing you many more accolades ahead!

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