Do You Know The Secret Recipe To IT Success?

28 Apr, 2014

Success does not come in a day. It comes with focused, diligent hard work and a partner who understands your IT needs, your goals and your resources.
Alcor Solutions Inc. is unveiling two secret recipes aka applets at Booth 39 at #know14, Knowledge 14- the largest conference of 6000+ attendees who believe in the power of the Cloud. We will walk you through these secret recipes from April 27th to May 1st at Muscone Center, San Francisco.
Secret Recipe #1: Do you believe your organization owns software licenses that it does not use? Or may have exceeded the install base permitted under your licenses? Most organizations face this issue regularly and are typically left to deal with it on a one off basis, by counting the install base/usage and comparing with licensing terms to ensure they are not out of compliance or paying for software they do not use. The challenge is, such a study is time consuming, often inaccurate and expensive. Moreover, software license contracts are often tricky, legal documents that need expert interpretation.
Alcor consultants have performed such cost optimization consulting engagements for numerous clients and have a wealth of knowledge on all types of licenses that can often save customers upwards of 20-25% of their software costs. We have leveraged this experience, ServiceNow Dublin release and our other toolsets to design a comprehensive software optimization platform. This is based on years of technology and cost optimization and strategic IT consulting experience. We invite you to take a look at our Software Optimization Application at Knowledge 14 at the Alcor booth 39.
Secret Recipe #2: Most CIO’s Offices have to manage multiple outsourcing contracts, from IT operations outsourcing to application development & maintenance outsourcing. These are typically large, complex, performance based contracts that can run into hundreds of pages and numerous performance management criteria and service levels. Often, there are contractually agreed financial impact if various service levels are not met. In our experience, based on supporting multiple clients in outsourcing governance and management, it gets cumbersome and error-prone to constantly manage these contracts with limited resources. CIO’s office or Strategic Sourcing specialists have to constantly review invoices with service levels for the period and contracts to ascertain how much should be paid to each service provider and if there are reductions in price that need to be taken into account. For an organization with multiple outsourcing contracts, this can be daunting and wrong calculations can lead to over payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Alcor consultants have helped design and manage several such outsourcing contracts and are intimately familiar with key aspects of outsourcing management. We have leveraged this experience into building a custom application for managing outsourced service contracts on ServiceNow platform, leveraging integrations as required. We believe our dashboards and reporting on vendor performance will greatly simplify management of outsourcing contracts.  We invite you to take a look at it at Vendor Performance Management Application at  the Alcor booth 39.
We have an exciting Raffle Draw at the conference where you can be lucky to win an iPod Touch 🙂 Fill out the coupon above and visit us at Booth #39!
Alcor is on Facebook, and Twitter.  We value your friendship.

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