Organizational Change Management

With businesses experiencing constant change, organizations must have the ability to manage and adapt to this organizational change in the workplace today. But, with the persistent and difficult to remove ‘past imprint’ of a business’s structure, culture and routines, adapting to change begets resistance from the enterprise work force. This resistance could be obvious or hidden but needs to be managed just the same.

Alcor’s systematic approach to OCM is beneficial when people within an organization need to learn new behaviors and skills. By setting goals and expectations, employing tools to improve communication and proactively seeking ways to reduce misinformation, people within the enterprise are more likely to be perceptive to the proposed change and remain committed to the change. This helps your business achieve lasting benefits.
Change Management

Alcor’s OCM strategies include:

  1. Defining and coming to agreement on a common vision for change without any competing initiatives.
  2. Strong executive leadership engagement that communicates the vision and creates a proactive environment for the business change to be effective.
  3. Implementing through the workforce of the business, an effective communication plan that garners interest, educates and creates agility for the proposed day to day changes in the organization. Suggesting rewards, both monetary and social, that encourages individuals and groups to take ownership for their new roles and responsibilities.
  4. Defining and implementing OCM solutions for the organization’s alignment across all practices, stakeholders and customers- all people in the organization.
  5. Devising an effective education, training and/or skills upgrading scheme for the organization.
  6. Creating a concrete plan for how to measure whether or not the change is a success — and follow-up plans for both successful and unsuccessful results.

Alcor’s change management solutions are participative, consultative, engaging, and open involving the most valuable asset of your organization- your people.