An effective mobility strategy must be the cornerstone of an organization’s mobile web presence. While developing its mobility strategy, an enterprise has to take a holistic view of the mobile eco-system including its customers, employees, partners and vendors.

Mobile App DevelopmentThe mobility environment that today’s organizations face is constantly evolving and can often get confusing. There is an array of choices, with their own strengths and limitations. The development and support requirements from multiple stakeholders are complex and at times conflicting and many technologies in the market have inherent limitations in working with current and legacy enterprise technologies. The IT departments clearly need to make well-informed, strategic decisions based on a holistic framework that helps develop and manage various components of enterprise mobility without sacrificing the requirements of robust security and seamless operations and minimize the risks posed by the rapid assimilation of various mobile devices and applications in the enterprise technology layers as well as of technological obsolescence, before investing in any mobile platform or applications.

Alcor is an expert in the field of enterprise mobility strategy. Our consultants have advised organizations in enterprise IT strategy, mobile device management, application design and development. Alcor has a comprehensive framework that helps its clients create a holistic mobility strategy by identifying mobility requirements, building an RoI-based business case, assess maturity of vendor offerings and provide risk-mitigation recommendations.

Custom Mobile Application Strategy & Development

Despite millions of mobile applications available today, none of them may be what you are exactly looking for. Sometimes you need a custom made solution that can match your individual requirement and more importantly support your business growth.

Our bright and knowledgeable team with a great depth of domain expertise can deliver a tailored made solution by transforming your ideas into a successful mobile product.
Mobile Development Strategy