Cloud Integration


Seamless operation across multiple cloud and on-premise technologies requires a well integrated service architecture and a robust, enterprise approach to technology integration. As technology stacks multiply and enterprise software proliferate in an organization, point to point integration requirements give way to the need for an integration architecture that can support growing IT needs and slash the complexity that years of disparate integrations often create.

Alcor cloud integration services are an integral part of our cloud advisory and cloud implementation framework. We integrate cloud and on premise technologies through a number of integration techniques, but more importantly, assist in designing and implementing an enterprise wide integration architecture based on industry standards.

Alcor’s in house technology strong hold and Mulesoft’s cutting edge connectivity platform across APIs, SOA, and SaaS gives your enterprise a winning edge. We develop methodology and solutions to support specific enterprise requirements of functionality, modularity and cost effectiveness.

Alcor implements the MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform to your enterprise’s advantage

We connect your enterprise’s applications, data and devices giving you a seamless cloud integration advantage.


MuleSoft’s AnyPoint platform offers all three elements needed for unified connectivity across SOA, SaaS integration, and API design through management.
Alcor provides a turnkey solution by offering Mulesoft licenses, implementation and integration services.

Service Now

Pioneering ServiceNow and MuleSoft integrations

Coupled with deep and diverse expertise in ServiceNow implementation and integration and a strong technology hold with MuleSoft’s cutting edge connectivity platform, Alcor is pioneering the way with ServiceNow and Mulesoft integrations.

With MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform’s API-led connectivity approach and Alcor’s in-depth understanding of the enterprise; we are preferred ServiceNow solution providers — we lift the weight of custom connections and free your enterprise to innovate faster.

  • The ServiceNow and MuleSoft Connectivity with Alcor’s expertise seamlessly creates incidents, requests, and assigns requests to groups or people.
  • With this integration, organizations can fully integrate business processes across HR, legal, procurement, operations, marketing and facilities.
  • Automate IT services with on-premises and cloud connectivity between ServiceNow and other CRM, HCM, ERP applications and services using this integration.
  • The MuleSoft+ServiceNow integration provides your enterprise a quick, seamless and safe connected environment- from deployment to decommissioning.

Shine On The ServiceNow-MuleSoft Connectivity Highway With Alcor

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