Cloud Applications

Cloud Application ScalabilityApplications specifically developed to run on cloud platforms are rapidly replacing on-premise applications. Cloud applications allow you to rapidly and securely scale your solution as your user base grows. They also help streamline processes, increase collaboration among employees, and reduce spending on technology infrastructure.

Cloud applications do not require lengthy planning and development cycles associated with traditional enterprise applications and can be developed and managed at a fraction of the earlier application cost. They also help reduce ongoing software & hardware costs as you may be able to deploy them leveraging the existing cloud platform that you have invested in.

Key Areas for Successful Cloud Application Development: Functionality, Platform, Integration, AdoptionDeveloping an application that exceeds expectations requires a consultative approach to mapping requirements, deep cloud platform expertise and experience with Organizational Change Management (OCM). Alcor has an extensive experience in developing cloud applications on its industry leading partner platforms such as Salesforce, ServiceNow and Microsoft Azure.

We leverage a proven, inclusive cloud development methodology that is based on Agile and SCRUM principles to build requirements and prototypes rapidly and iteratively. Our services include OCM expertise and guidance to ensure the cloud applications are well adopted by the end user community.

Alcor has helped numerous clients in assessing their on premise application portfolio and developing cloud based applications to replace legacy software that is hard to maintain and is of limited usability due to lack of integration with other enterprise systems. We have designed and developed cloud applications across several functional areas including:


  • IT
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Internal Audit
  • Procurement
  • Billing
  • Sales Support
  • Client Management

Alcor has also built an expertise in Cloud Integration platforms to integrate cloud applications to support its cloud application development. We also perform complex data migration from legacy applications to the cloud as described under Cloud Migration.

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