Cloud Advisory

Alcor cloud advisory services are designed to assist our clients build and execute a sound cloud strategy that is well aligned with the enterprise IT transformation plan. Our advisors have decades of experience supporting strategic IT planning activities in Fortune 500 clients. With our understanding of the needs of enterprise IT environment, cost constraints and risks inherent in a transformational journey, we can help recommend a cloud roadmap that is tailored to your needs.

With our expertise in SaaS, PaaS and IaaS as well as in type of cloud offerings being marketed by various industry leaders, we help you understand the options that you have as well as help build a cloud migration roadmap that is based on best practices, industry leading cloud technology options and lowest cost of migration and management.

Our advisory services include:


  • Organizational Readiness Assessment

    Assess whether the organization is ready to embrace and manage cloud based service delivery models or will it cause significant disruption?

  • Service Delivery Assessment

    Assess the maturity of your internal and external service delivery and if it can benefit from a new service channel based on cloud technology

  • Technology Assessment

    Assess the infrastructure and application portfolio to determine what are good candidates to consider migrating to cloud, fully or partially?

  • Compliance & Security Assessment

    Assess the compliance and security requirements specific to your business and organization

  • Risk Assessment

    Assess the risks of various cloud service delivery options and advise on mitigating such risks


  • Business Case Development

    Develop a business case to present to executive stakeholders on proposed cloud strategy, including costs & RoI analysis


  • Analyze Technology Options

    Analyze cloud offerings from various vendors and help architect a proposed solution based on meeting requirements, technology standards and a lowest total cost of ownership


  • Recommend Cloud Migration Roadmap

    Provide recommended options for migrating infrastructure and application components to the cloud, along with drivers, timelines, costs & risk profiles

  • Organizational Change Management & Governance Options

    Recommend specific actions to help with adoption of the chosen cloud technologies as well as govern the transformed service delivery model effectively