API- Led Connectivity: A Competitive Advantage To Your Enterprise

07 Jul, 2015

There are no two ways about it- Organizations need to embrace digital transformation in today’s hyper connected environment. Guess what! By circa 2020 we will be having 50 billion connected devices.
The Holy Grail Moment: To maintain business supremacy, an organization needs to leverage newer technologies like SaaS, mobile and Internet Of Things (IoT) to enrich and re-frame their relationship with today’s customers, suppliers and employees. Also a digital footprint enables your company to be speedy, agile, bring quality and trust with your offerings to the consumer. If not digitally transformed, you simply miss the success boat!
Digital transformation doesn’t come easy! Technology is the key enabler for an organization to have a digital footprint but it’s not a piecemeal approach you are looking at. Your company across all its departments; both horizontally and vertically needs to change. This transformation draws in large volumes of data from different audiences like customers, suppliers, and employees; the data is multi-level and interconnected across various verticals and solutions. Not an easy task to get your enterprise digitally transformed. But again, businesses stay relevant and competitive only with DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. This change is a journey that shifts IT’s mindset away from project delivery, to delivering assets as services. IT becomes a platform for the complete business.
The answer lies in API-led Connectivity: For this IT transformation to happen, a new set of technologies and a new level of connectivity are imperative that leverages existing systems, one that’s quick and agile but allows IT to maintain visibility and control. The key enablers for this inter- and intra- connectivity is API-LED CONNECTIVITY. API- led connectivity is a type of enterprise-grade technology designed to provide businesses with a unified platform for connectivity, ensuring security and adherence to best practice is maintained whilst enabling rapid development of new cloud and mobile apps, to meet consumer expectations and demands. Realizing an API-led connectivity vision must be much more than a technology decision. It requires a gradual but fundamental shift in IT organizations’ architectural vision, development approach and the way developers approach their roles. The challenge is one as much about process change as it is about technology implementation. API- led connectivity is a step-by-step incremental journey.
Approaching connectivity holistically allows greater operational insight, that goes beyond whether an API or a particular interface is working or not, but provides end-to-end insight from receipt of the initial API request call to fulfillment of that request based on an underlying database query. Nurture successes API’s on API’s all the way down!

Benefits of API-led Connectivity- Here are the benefits of being API connected;

Supports bi-modal IT with agility: The API-led connectivity platform ensures stability and control on the core system of records but allows rapid innovation and iteration of applications that access those systems. This agility combined with core security keeps your enterprise’s governance and compliance bugs at bay.
Prepares IT as a platform for the business: With this kind of hierarchical, cross API connectivity, IT becomes a service platform that allows your business to be self-sufficient.
Has Unified Connectivity: You get the complete stack of your blocks on one platform- connectivity, orchestration, services and APIs.
Entails High productivity with low friction: An API-led connectivity platform gives your business users the ability to experiment with new initiatives quickly, iterate on ideas quickly, without any system level discrepancies. The platform is based on open standards to easily staff with easily available.
Is Hybrid Ready: This platform aids you to move to the cloud without any hiccups and is hybrid ready. You write the code once, you use it along the timeline as and when the business demands.
No nightmares: With this modularized platform, you are better able to estimate and ensure delivery against changes to code. This platform negates the nightmare of a small database field change having significant downstream impact, and requiring extensive regression testing.
It’s a journey- API led connectivity that creates an enterprise whose assets, services and offerings can be leveraged independent of geographical and technical boundaries.
We would like to thank MuleSoft for inspiring us to write this blog post. We have used certain textual elements from Mulesoft resources.

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