Alcor Solutions Inc. – Know Our Business Story

11 Jul, 2016

Maybe you’ve seen the video, maybe you are here because you know us, maybe you are here just for fun 🙂 You are here because you would like to know more about Alcor Solutions Inc.– who we are, what we do and simply why are we called Alcor!
So, without much adieu let’s tell you the Alcor story:

Across civilizations, one celestial legend has conquered everyone’s imagination- the Mizar and Alcor twin stars shining bright against the night sky. While Mizar looks spectacular, it is Alcor that makes it possible with its brilliance and light. Taking inspiration from this magical pair of stars, Alcor Solutions positions itself as your trusted end-to-end enterprise management solutions partner, helping your business shine bright and giving you the competitive edge. At Alcor, we endeavor to provide you with out of the box solutions, customized to your enterprise needs. Adopting a strategic IT Service Management implementation approach, we believe in solving business problems by harnessing an integrated business process design with our technology implementation capabilities. Working with fortune 500 companies, government establishments and other leading businesses around the world, Alcor extends its global cloud advisory and implementation services to connect each individual department of your enterprise seamlessly.
Alcor – Building Simplified, Integrated Services for your Enterprise.

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