Real Time CIO Dashboard for Better Decision Making

CIO Dashboard for Realistic, Accurate and Actionable Information for Better Decision Making

In today’s era of technology enabled business innovation, many organizations are undergoing a transformation to become digital businesses, they depend even more on IT to proactively enable innovative products and services. The CIOs of organizations are expected to add value by helping the business improve performance, accelerate time to market, open new markets, and facilitate mergers and acquisitions—all while keeping a sharp eye on IT costs and quality.

As CIOs consider practical ways to leverage IT capabilities and make smarter decisions, they need to be able to identify, measure, and analyze how the business gauges IT’s success, both in terms of delivering core IT services and contributing to business value.

BizPulse is Alcor’s solution specifically built to help CIOs get real time, easy, consolidated access to the right information on all vital parameters that impact the overall efficiency of an IT organization. BizPulse is based on meticulously chosen key functional and transformational metrics gathered through Alcor’s deep interactions with CIOs across various industries. BizPulse’s capability to track and depict KPIs that monitors effective delivery of the core IT services coupled with KPIs that are aligned to the IT-driven business value empowers CIOs and IT leaders with real time analytics and insights.

BizPulse focuses on four key areas to provide complete information to the CIOs/C-level executives:

  • Financials – For stewardship of technology expenditures and investments
  • Delivery – For tracking execution and delivery
  • Business Value – For driving technology investments to impact business outcomes
  • Innovation and Agility – For prioritizing and driving investments to change or transform

BizPulse Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

These four key areas  help  CIOs achieve functional, strategic, and transformational goals of the organization. Customized and detailed BizPulse insights into organization’s IT budget assists CIOs to balance the allocation of expansion versus Keeping the Lights On (KTLO) budget. This empowers them to maintain the current systems while making balanced investments for technology innovation.

Key Features and Benefits of BizPulse

  • Real Time Data Visualization provides real time information on the performance of the IT department. This allows the CIO to get instant business insights and assist in better decision making.
  • Interactive Dashboards with seamless navigation and self-service reporting makes BizPulse efficient and user friendly.
  • Robust Metrics not only allows to track the Financial Alignment and Delivery Excellence but also enables the digital transformation process by driving business value and Innovation & Agility.
  • Embedded Analytics in BizPulse allows the CIO to measure and monitor performance, obtain better forecasting and compare reports.
  • Expandable Architecture enables the CIO to leverage platform scalability and flexibility to suit business needs.

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