Bringing a New Dimension to Cloud Processes!

AlcorNimbus is a proprietary cloud management product built on the robust ServiceNow platform. It provides a simple, efficient, secure, accurate and cost-effective way of managing, provisioning and tracking cloud components such as:

Alcor has developed an integrated platform that allows you to drive a consistent, automated approach to managing cloud resources.

AlcorNimbus uses ServiceNow interface to access cloud resources, publish cloud offerings to a catalogs and manage the usage of those resources including Cost and Usage metrics.

By extending our intelligent automation platform to cloud providers, organizations can now control cloud resources and have a complete end to end visibility into how the cloud is being used, who it is being used by, and how much it costs.

With this level of visibility, IT Ops and Security teams can have confidence in understanding how cloud resources are leveraged within end to end business services and manage cloud with a service aware context versus a big pool of resources.

AlcorNimbus is driving operational excellence for  hybrid cloud!

Key Features of AlcorNimbus:

Achieve Following benefits with AlcorNimbus:

  • Reduced application provisioning from 3-4 weeks to less than 1 day
  • IT staff time recapture of 22 hours per application supported
  • Developers and test Engineers 25% more productive per project
  • Hardware efficiency gains of 25% per year

What makes AlcorNimbus stand out from other solutions on the market?

  • AlcorNimbus allows to clone new VMs from existing machines, configure VMs, and power VMs on and off without Orchestration
  • Enables Schedules for Nightly Turn downs to save costs
  • Showcases Billing Analytics from AWS and Azure
  • Easily connected with configuration items from other CMDBs and Integration Hubs like Tasktop or tools like Quali, Tenable and home grown CMDBs.
  • No Workflows uses Flow Designer
  • Makes Lab scheduling seamless: Schedule a lab framework to manage multiple groups of virtual resources for a common purpose, such as training. Schedule lab termination date and time to shut down virtual resources as soon as they complete their function.
  • Creates Blueprints/Sandboxes
  • Provides multiple roles, such as admin, manager & user

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