A Business Case For Implementing ServiceNow

14 Aug, 2014

How can you implement ServiceNow? In which areas can you leverage ServiceNow? What is your ROI with this platform? How will it profit your business?
Here is a sample business case evaluation for implementing ServiceNow:

Step 1- Assess The Customer needs
{Company XXX} is considering the ServiceNow platform to improve change management, asset management, automated discovery and mapping of assets as well as add a flexible self-service catalog to get higher performance in their operations.
Step 2- Data Gathering
Data was gathered with the {Company XXX} team for the development of a Business Case Analysis for hard cost and efficiency savings.
Step 3- Draft A Business Case Analysis Overview
The Business Case analysis looks at all the ServiceNow Costs with the projected ServiceNow Benefits to produce a business case that looks at the Return on Investment (ROI), Payback Period (PP) and Net Present Value (NPV) of doing the project for {Company XXX}.
Step 4- Across the business evaluate the revenue savings possibilities:

  1. Change Management:
  • Reduce number of incidents caused by change
  • Reduction in time to plan a change
  1. Self Service:
  • Reduced call volume due to self- service knowledge management
  • Reduced call time due to increased visibility and an integrated system
  • Reduced call volume due to movement of calls to the Self Service Catalog
  1. Asset Management:
  • Over purchasing of Software
  • Reduce Maintenance of Software Spend
  • Software Compliance Penalty
  • Reduce Over purchasing of Hardware
  • Reduce Effort of Physical Inventory of Hardware
  1. Automated Discovery of Devices and CI’s:
  • Change Advisory Meetings
  • IT Expense of handling Outages
  • IT Operations time savings on the Configuration Management Process
  • IT Team time savings on the Incident Management Process
  • Capacity planning and installing for usage optimization
  • Time Saved Mapping and Making Data Center Moves

Step 5: Get a statistical and mathematical perspective of the revenue savings, the return on investments, the cumulative benefits to the business with ServiceNow implementation and the net profits along a timeline to the business.
Step6: Present your findings to the CIOs and management of the {Company XXX} showing them the tangible and intangible values/ benefits  their business would get with ServiceNow implementation.
Alcor is a preferred ServiceNow partner who believe that a consultative and process based approach to your IT concerns is key to effective enterprise management. Call Us at +1-(818)-835-3454 or write to us at Information@alcortech.com

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