7 Protection Tips For Your Holiday Gifts

08 Dec, 2014

It’s the holiday season! You love gifting tech gadgets to your loved ones that make them feel smarter, special, wonderful and happy; after all, the season is all about spreading joy and cheer! But be aware- with the cheer; are you also spreading privacy and safety problems for your loved ones?

Here are seven protection tips for your tech gadgets:
1. Are you secure with online pay outs? While doing online payments start by using only one credit card- never debit cards. Always use two factor authentications to keep your personal information secure online.
2. A big no-no to used gadgets: Never buy used devices as they may contain malware. Watch for upgrades that can offer stronger protection. Monitor performance of your devices to see that they are functioning correctly.
3. Is your data safe and secure? Read privacy policies that come with your gadgets to see if your data is for sale. Be cautious with social sharing features. Never share your location on social media. Use a screen lock to prevent unauthorized access to your device.
4. Are you getting blue-jacked? Devices such as smart watches use blue tooth to connect with your phone. Configure it to approve connection requests to avoid being ‘blue-jacked’. Turn off the blue tooth when you are not using the device.
5. Lock in your security: Many smart devices today can be installed with your iPhone / android system. Installation immediately raises your risk profile. Use smart phone security best practices such as a screen lock or PIN.
6. When did you update your OS? Keep your tablet’s operating system and apps up to date. Enable encryption for your data and consider encrypting calls and text. Use only known secure WiFi net works.
7. Cleanup your tablet: Set your tablet to require a password for access to keep unauthorized users out. Do the same for Wi-Fi. Regularly clear your cookies, cache and browser history too.
These best practices will keep your data safe, your information will not be prone to leakage, there will be reduced back door access from hackers, and your gadgets will be less vulnerable to malware – all making you happy this holiday season!
Alcor thanks the IDT911 consulting blog for inspiring us to write this blog-post.
Alcor is a technology implementation company focusing on Enterprise and Government technology needs in enterprise service management, systems integration & web development.

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