5 Reasons to Service Map with ServiceNow ServiceWatch

09 Sep, 2015

Today, enterprises have a huge onus on them; that of delivering critical- IT enabled business services like email, supply chain systems, customer portals, and financial applications in a seamless way. A single impairment in a business service would potentially impact customer service, profitability and productivity. Now, every service is made of a complex set of interacting IT components that include physical and virtual servers, networks, databases, enterprise buses, assets, security loops and more. An outage in any of these directly impacts the delivery of the service.

Hence, an organization today needs a clear understanding of how services are affected by infrastructure issues. One needs to know and keep track of each and every infrastructure component that makes up a service. One needs to diagnose and resolve service impairments and outages quickly, flawlessly and on priority such that the business delivery is not affected. Today’s enterprise needs a service mapping tool that’s accurate, proactive, flexible, automated and simple – appropriately provided by ServiceNow ServiceWatch.

Here are five reasons to Service map with ServiceWatch:

  1. Incisive service mapping- Manual mapping is laborious, time consuming, indiscriminate and uses a trial and error approach. ServiceWatch creates a complete map of all of the IT components; applications, servers, databases, virtual machines, network connections that support a service. The map shows service level interactions and an in-depth end-to-end service view. This automated tool removes confusing and irrelevant infrastructure data, delivering clear, concise and complete service information.
  2. Accurate and up to date– ServiceWatch maps, tracks and consolidates business service topography in real time. If it detects a change, it updates it in a dynamic manner. This helps the IT staff get the most updated service topology information. This automated platform gives you a historical view of the service changes which in turn helps personnel correlate and understand service map instances
  3. Speed by your sideServiceWatch maps services within minutes compared to manual methods that take weeks. With speed by your side with up to date, real time and accurate mapping you save money and time. The speed of automated mapping ensures that end-to-end topography keeps pace with services that often change on a daily basis.
  4. Service Map with cognitive & technology intelligence- ServiceWatch has built-in cognitive technological intelligence when it maps. These component-specific patterns provide a deep understanding of a wide range of applications and infrastructure components. ServiceWatch intelligence understands clusters and enterprise buses and it can discover and map most intricate topographies. This automated platform contains an editor, which allows customers to create new templates for IT assets that don’t exist originally.
  5. Improved Service quality- An accurate, updated service map helps you understand how business services are delivered in a highly dynamic, volatile and complex environment. With these maps, IT personnel can easily ‘bell the cat’ of a service issue. They can plan, evaluate and improve on a business service with ease and agility.

Service map with speed, accuracy, intelligence, virtually in the cloud using ServiceNow ServiceWatch


Alcor Solutions Inc. is a global cloud advisory and implementation services company serving clients in multiple geographies globally. Our consultants provide advice to leading businesses on cloud platforms, architecture, enterprise service management and integrating IT service delivery. Our clients include global Fortune 500 as well as leading organizations in multiple industry verticals.

Alcor’s focus has been building strong competence on cutting edge technologies and advising clients in implementing them. We have partnered with industry leading cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) platform providers to bring cost effective, rapid implementation cloud solutions to our clients. We are passionate about our thought leadership and believe that successful IT implementations result equally from good strategy and technology excellence. We believe that balanced advice and implementation requires a multi-dimensional perspective.

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