5 Reasons to Celebrate ServiceNow® Kingston

06 Feb, 2018

Digital transformation is the buzzword these days! CxOs have started taking a fresh look at their processes, technologies, and business models to ensure that they are not missing out on needs and demands of the modern, technologically savvy consumers.
Keeping in mind needs of the digital business, ServiceNow® recently launched its latest version, Kingston. The developer community is raving about the many new features packaged in Kingston release. Kingston promises to help enterprises reduce costs, drive innovation, and boost overall organizational performance.

Here is our pick of the Top 5 features in this release:

Intelligent Automation Engine™

This new AI tool uses Machine Learning to drive new levels of automation. By applying Machine Learning algorithms to operational data, the Intelligence Automation Engine helps in creating finely‑tuned models to prioritize and route tasks across teams to ensure fast, efficient, and accurate issue resolution. Using the anomaly detection capabilities, it can prevent future outages, and in case of possible issues, automatically initiate workflows. It helps enterprises to compare themselves against the peers and optimize own performance. The performance analytics capabilities help in precisely predicting performance. Instead of incorrect projections based on guesswork, companies can have more precise predictions. With these new AI capabilities, ServiceNow® Kingston users are sure to experience enhanced performance improvement.

Improved User Experience

With this release, ServiceNow® has brought in several user enhancements to make the solution more intuitive and user-friendly. To improve the navigation and accessibility of the platform, ServiceNow® has also improved the accessibility features. There are several user experience improvements in the self-service portals as well making it easy for employees to find information, raise requests, and access Knowledge Base. Embedded help is another useful feature brought up with Kingston. The feature offers help content based on the part of the platform the user is viewing. The updated interface is also optimized for easier navigation on smartphones and tablets.

Enhanced IT Service Management

The Kingston release is packed with several features which can help companies boost their business performance by improving service delivery. The Agent Intelligence uses Machine Learning to automate categorization, prioritization, and assignment of tickets and helps in reducing the resolution time. It also offers a Virtual Agent in the form of a great Chatbot. The Virtual Agent is powered by IBM Watson Conversation Service. With Kingston, ServiceNow® offers a single screen to help IT teams to quickly solve incidents with high business impact. By showing related incidents, impacted CIs, business services, etc. on one screen, it helps IT teams make more informed decisions.

Flow Designer

This is a new feature of the Now Platform in the Kingston release. This can be termed as the “simple version” of ServiceNow® Workflow. It allows easy management of process flows. Non-developers can build flows on their own, as these are easier to build than the workflows. The process owners and IT generalists can use natural language and automate tasks, approvals, notifications, etc. without having to necessarily do any coding. Users can define trigger conditions to start a Flow and use variables to pass the information between actions such as approvals, tasks, notifications or records.


To enhance the overall efficiency and productivity, ServiceNow® has released the next-generation Orchestration solution called IntegrationHub. It facilitates third-party integration without having to do any coding. Using the IntegrationHub, one can extend the functionality of ServiceNow® Flow Designer to automate third-party services. The best part of the IntegrationHub is out-of-the-box integrations for popular services like Slack, Hipchat, and Microsoft Teams. With IntegrationHub, ServiceNow has enabled organizations drive innovation, as it allows people with limited coding skills and experience to contribute effectively in the development of the process flows that leverage integrations.
Apart from these, Kingston is loaded with a lot of fantastic features including many updates to Knowledge Management, schedules, and CMDB. The Now Platform™ offers several improvements to Edge Encryption, Guided Tour Designer, MetricBase, and more.
The new release is sure to make it easier for organizations to reach their strategic business goals, and we are all excited to get our hands on these features!

Alcor is a global cloud advisory and implementation services company serving Fortune 500, Government Agencies, and other leading organizations in multiple industry verticals across the Americas, Canada and India. Alcor is a ServiceNow Gold Services Partner and also partners to Salesforce, FireEye, Microsoft, Dell Boomi, BOMGAR , and BigPanda amongst others. They advise leading businesses on cloud platforms, architecture, enterprise service management and integrating IT service delivery. They also provide business process consulting to capture, re-engineer and improve processes that can easily be automated to deliver real value. The Alcor consulting team has excellence in Business strategy, Cloud Technology and Organizational Change Management. For more information, connect with them at information@alcortech.com.

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