5 Cloud Based Smart Inventions That Will Make 2016 a Whole Lot Of Fun!

20 Jan, 2016

Hello, 2016! It’s the start of another year, and by the looks of the CES 2016, it’s going to be a sweet one for all of us hooked on to smart devices. Flexibility, security, competitiveness, automation, and simplicity are the buzzwords surrounding cloud-based services.

It works like clockwork at the macro level, and it is going to be a success at the micro level too. Cloud based services and devices are the new normal.
Take a glimpse of the market, and you will see an explosion of gadgets, electronics, smart wear, and digitalization – all aiming at enticing the smart consumer, on cloud nine (pun intended)! 2016 is going to be the year of the cloud.
Here are five cloud based smart inventions that are gearing to make the New Year fun.

1. The Amazon Echo and Alexa App‘Alexa’ is your built-in personal assistant, Bluetooth speaker that is your “answer-it-all”. Right from playing your music from the Prime music library, to get updates on stock, weather or the latest news, you can ask it to create a shopping list, add, subtract, multiply, order online from amazon, or even set an alarm to wake you up. It is designed around the user’s voice and uses 7 microphones with beam-forming technology. Just call ‘Alexa’ for whatever you need!

2. June ‘the intelligent oven”If you are cooking up a storm in your kitchen for Christmas, June, the intelligent oven has got your back covered. It is an oven with a five inch touchscreen, cameras that can take pictures of your food as it cooks, provides recipes and recommends a cooking program based on weight of your ingredient, lets you control the oven via a smartphone, and has a comprehensive cloud –based video library that will make your baking, broiling, grilling, toasting, and braising a modern cooking adventure!

3. Disney Playmation – The Marvel AvengersMove over playstation! Playmation is here! It is a motion sensing technology that helps bring the virtual world into your reality. The Disneys’s Avengers’ starter pack gets you into your own Avengers movie. Run, jump, dodge, sneak and block with the help of JARVIS and the Iron Man himself. Fight the bad guys and complete missions by downloading the app and registering to access the Avengers Network. Kids are surely going go bonkers!

4. The Samsung smart things home monitor kitSmart times call for a smart, well-connected home that is completely automated and helps you breathe a sigh of relief. The Samsung Smart Things Home Monitor Kit enables you to control lighting, capture videos, monitor security and helps in increasing your comfort as you can add as many compatible devices to enjoy a fully automated life. Working on the principle of motion sensors, it is a perfect DIY solution, that is easy to assemble and easier to monitor on a smartphone app.

5. Beingso.comIt is a new innovative service that transforms you regular holiday E-card into a mobile app that can be viewed on all platforms. The E- greetings web site is a start-up that effortlessly combines photos, videos and messages to make a personalized online greeting card. Due to the flexibility of the HTML5 technology, users are able to transform the card stored on the website and play it in real time. The card can also be customized into any app compatible with mobiles and tablets.
Every imaginable bit of data around us is available at the click of a cloud. Technology makes life easier; and when life is easy, it is fun. Happy 2016!


Alcor Solutions Inc. is a technology implementation and system integration company focusing on Government and Enterprise technology projects and professional staffing in the enterprise applications, systems integration, IT Service Management and enterprise collaboration/mobility domains. Alcor Solutions Inc. is a preferred partner of ServiceNow.

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