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Journey to The Center of the CMDB

People and technology assets are the cornerstones of every organization. Knowing what they are, where they are, what they do, and how they interact is a key to maintaining an efficient and competitive business. At the heart of this is the CMDB – the central repository for all service assets across your organization. Everyone agrees it is important, yet it remains one of the most challenging aspects of IT Service Management to manage effectively and continuously.

So, what does a good CMDB look like? What are the requirements from your side? How should you define your CMDB?

Join Aleks Dmitrovic, Principal – Cloud Strategy, on July 26 at 11 AM PDT, as we discuss the best practices around CMDB and lay down the foundation for a successful journey to the center of the CMDB. We will go over the impact and use of the CMDB with IT support, procurement management, contract management, access management, risk management, vulnerability management, threat analysis, governance & compliance management, asset management, and more!

Learn about best practices, common challenges, and unique opportunities to make your IT journey more valuable.

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