Amit Singh


Amit is the CEO of Alcor Solutions, Inc. He has helped numerous Fortune 500 clients and Governments build effective IT strategies, led large, transformational IT projects and establish best practices based IT governance. He possesses significant international management and IT Services experience and has a deep understanding of cloud computing and its enormous value for enterprise IT. Amit has more than 20 years of management and consulting experience with leading consulting companies.

Aleks Dmitrovic

Principal, Strategic Consulting

Aleks is a decisive, results focused leader able to make tough decisions while building a climate of trust and respect with teams and clients. Aleks demonstrates the capacity to implement innovative solutions that strengthen organizations business and technology processes, facilitating the measurable delivery of high quality services, improved service levels, reduced operational and support costs, and improved client relationships.

Monisha Singh

Principal, Shared Services

Monisha has a rich overseas & indigenous experience of over 20 years in managing Global Sales & Marketing across various industry spaces. Her strengths are focused on Product Management and Development, Competitive Market Research and Strategic Alliances. She has previously served in sectors such as Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Clinical Research and the Medical Devices industry.

Ziying ‘Magic Tan’

Principal, Global Delivery

Magic has extensive experience in Global Sourcing, Supply Chain Management, IT and Business Strategy. Proven track work in providing management advisory services to Fortune 500 companies. He specializes in developing business and IT sourcing strategies and managing complex global transactions between the United States and Asia Pacific. He is the owner and Senior Partner at a Manufacturing enterprise producing consumer products in Guangzhou, China with 4000+ employees.

Manoj K. Singhal


Manoj is a seasoned Business growth leader with experience building, growing and managing multiple business verticals, strategic accounts portfolios and consulting practices across 3 continents. As a Transformation leader, he has hands-on experience in due diligence, technology adoption, business process and organizational design. He is an Outsourcing & Technology Expert, experienced and trained in outsourcing consulting, envisioning solutions and strategies, business transformation; leading complex and strategic ‘lead-to-deal’ and ‘deal-to-delivery’ initiatives. His work motto is – Helping entrepreneurs to build, grow and scale.

Sheetal Kale

Director,  Marketing

Sheetal is an incisive, resourceful, self-initiating professional with experience in Online Marketing Strategy, Digital Outreach, Social Media Marketing, Online Branding, Content Marketing, Website UX Consultancy and Website QA in global scenarios for over 15 years.
She has an intuitive understanding of marketing and sales concepts applicable to niche markets in global settings. A constant Learner who believes that experiences help you grow and make you a richer person in thought and actions.