Case Studies

The representative case studies below showcases some of the work that our consultants have performed.



telecomFor a Telecom client, developed a mobility strategy and extended numerous legacy applications to various mobile platforms. The work done involved:

  • Recommending an enterprise wide mobility strategy and roadmap consistent with usage requirements, IS security, compliance needs and evolving technology
  • Recommending best of breed mobile platforms for developing mobile applications as well as an approach to extending legacy applications on to mobile devices
  • Developing and testing mobile extensions on a number of enterprise level applications and custom, homegrown programs
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insuranceFor an Insurance client, implemented an eCare portal for all employees as an internal help desk to support various employee needs. The work done included:

  • Building a solution to support and track how well the service departments were able to quickly and efficiently resolve employee queries and concerns. Also required was the ability to route the employees’ concerns to their reporting manager, escalate to their reporting managers and so on, with the ability to engage in to and fro communication with any responder. Ability to set escalation roles against a category (e.g. HR) and its sub category (e.g. Payroll, Compensation, Tax ,etc). The solution was designed in SharePoint and .Net technologies
  • Ensuring a central location for posting and tracking queries related to all departments, ability to monitor the SLAs across the departments and building a configurable escalation matrix up to 10 levels
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State & Local Government

governmentFor a large state Government client, designed the enterprise-wide IT demand management and governance process. The work done included:

  • Mapping the current multiple demand processes in use by various government departments. This was followed by consensus building through workshops to create a unified process across all departments
  • Recommended and implemented the IT resource allocation governance model to ensure priorities across various entities were discussed, resolved and managed through a single process
  • Implemented a Microsoft SharePoint based demand management solution and workflow process to support the initiative. Built mobility features to allow for working on multiple end user devices such as tablets and smart phones.
  • Performed extensive organizational change management activities to ensure this initiative had strong executive support and was well adopted by the government.
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State & Local Government

governmentFor a State & Local Government (SLG) client, implemented core ITSM processes as well as a detailed time/cost management process to support service billing to its customers. The work done included:

  • Developing a unified incident and service request management process to allow for multiple departments and their representatives to request support from central IT department for incidents and service requests.
  • Building a time/cost entry process that was flexible, allowed time entry from technicians through various devices, calculated effort estimates and billing for resources and also met government audit requirements for billing and billing adjustments.
  • Implementing CMDB and integrating with various discovery channels.
  • Building reports and dashboards based on reporting and compliance needs
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technologyFor a large Technology client, helped design and deploy an end-to-end asset lifecycle on ServiceNow for hardware and software assets. The work done included:

  • Mapping the asset procurement, deployment and disposal processes to ServiceNow, with detailed reporting requirements and integrations with End Point Management systems such as SCCM, Casper and LANDesk
  • Planning and building the Model Management process in ServiceNow to track various models for hardware and software
  • Developed and populated the Contract Management process in ServiceNow to link assets to purchase contracts and allow the capability of tracking various contract related information such as Warranty, Support, End of Life, Location, Users etc..
  • Optimized the CMDB by implementing ServiceNow Discovery and normalizing the CI discovery process from multiple software channels.
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Higher Education

educationFor a client in Higher Education, performed detailed troubleshooting of an earlier ITSM implementation that was done by another consulting firm. Also implemented several new processes leveraging ServiceNow. The work done included:

  • Performed extensive review of the processes, configuration and integrations done earlier. Prepared a detailed gap analysis between client’s desired state and current state of implementation.
  • Corrected identified gaps and assisted the client to Go Live in a very compressed window of time across a number of processes and custom applications developed on ServiceNow
  • Helped streamline the usage of the processes and configurations across multiple departments by providing workshops on best practices in ITSM and supporting training.
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financialFor a large Financial Services Client, helped design the IT Service Management processes and implemented ServiceNow in multiple phases to streamline service delivery across IT. The work done included:

  • Combining multiple incident management processes into one streamlined process to be used across all divisions, locations and IT service providers.
  • Implemented a CMS based portal, multiple service catalogs, Problem, Change and SDLC processes
  • Implemented CMDB and asset management. Helped optimize CMDB to track business services and their components at a consistent, useful level
  • Integrated ServiceNow with event management, system management, IT security and HR systems
  • Delivered workshops on Organizational Change Management (OCM) to help with the adoption of the system across the enterprise
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Cloud Tech

technologyFor a large Technology client, helped design the enterprise cloud strategy for enterprise applications. This extensive engagement included:

  • Analyzing the offerings from multiple cloud platform providers
  • Building requirements and managing POCs (Proof of Concepts) to objectively review functionality, technology architecture and performance
  • Support in re-architecting software applications for running on a cloud platform instead of on-premise infrastructure.
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Cloud Pharma

pharmaFor a Pharmaceutical client, provided cloud process & design expertise for creating a New Product Development (NPD) application. The client was using a standalone product with expensive license fees. Alcor developed the product on client’s cloud platform of choice and helped reduce the cost of supporting the application significantly. The work done included:

  • Building extensive requirements from a process, compliance, documentation and security perspective. This called for strong pharmaceutical domain experience, process & IT expertise and a proven cloud development methodology that was provided by Alcor consultants
  • Rapid application development & testing using SCRUM methodology and integrating the key processes with enterprise applications & knowledge management system.
  • Testing for compliance and security standards and providing expert support after Go Live to ensure the application works as intended.
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Cloud M&R

icon-repairFor a large clothing Manufacturing & Retail client, provided Cloud strategy and platform development expertise to support their IT service delivery optimization. The work done involved:

  • Assessment of existing application portfolio and identifying suitability for porting them on the cloud to lower support costs as well as eliminate expensive licensing . Alcor provided an extensive roadmap and business case based on a clear ROI, technology framework and migration risk management recommendations.
  • Developed several applications on cloud to replace legacy, custom applications in the areas of HR, Benefits, Facilities Management, Sales Support & Customer Management that were stand-alone, expensive to maintain and could only provide limited value
  • Supported the internal organizational change management process, including stakeholder communication, priority/conflict resolution and ensuring the program found widespread adoption across IT and its clients
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