Case Studies
  • Beautiful Inside Out! Learn how Alcor delivered a Digital Backbone to a Skincare Leader

    As one of the largest premium skincare products company in the US, this company is famous for being innovative and dermatologically inspired and designed by healthcare professionals. This is a Customer Success story of how a skincare leader had to turn to technology itself, to make technology more accessible! Download Now

  • Map Your Way With Service Management Implementation

    “Our aim is to digitize and connect the work silos across the company, so we can offer our customers and associates a consistent, end-to-end experience. Enterprise services must be complete, easy-to-use, searchable and fully transparent, just like they are in the consumer world”, said Senior Vice President of Global Shared Services and Business Processes, at one of the biggest global medical technology companies in the United States. Download Now

  • Top-Tier American University Completely Eliminates Manual Approvals in Application Access Requests

    “Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education”, quotes Martin Luther King Jr. Working on these principles, Alcor worked with a top-tier American University to add the much needed element of automation to the University’s manual processes that were both resource and time consuming. Download Now